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Top 5 gifts for your hot tubbing Mom for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, as you are surely aware. However, speaking from experience your probably not ready for it. Under pressure last minute gifts are sometimes the best. Check out our ultimate top 5 gifts for your hot tubbing Mother.

Option 1. Music

Who among mothers doesn’t enjoy music, especially when it masks the sounds of stress and responsibility? Music may calm your racing thoughts, calm your frazzled nerves, and help you unwind from the day’s stress. According to studies, listening to calming music causes your body to naturally decrease your heart rate and brain waves. This slowdown also results in deeper breathing and total relaxation.

Option 2. Booster Seat

Speaking from personal experience once more, my mom is barely 5 feet tall. When you’re fighting the sensation of drowning in a seat that is too deep, it can be difficult to enjoy the hot tub. With a booster seat, your mother can unwind without worry.

Option 3. Hot Tub Aromotherapy

Skip the boring traditional candles and lotions and go straight for the hot tub aromatherapy. Products like Spazazz offer amazing smells and softer skin while soaking giving the ultimate hot tub therapy session.

Option 4. Towel Warmer

Heated towel warmers will keep her towels warm and toasty despite being exposed to the chilly air while you enjoy the brisk morning or evening air in the hot tub.

Option 5. Tray Table

What could be more ideal for holding delectable fruits and snacks and her favorite drink to relax than a tray table.

Your mother will undoubtedly adore the memories you are about to create, regardless of the gift. Happy Mother’s Day!