Swim Series™

Elite. Fitness. Relaxation. Wellness.

Enjoy an upgraded backyard water experience unlike any other with the all-new Swim Series by Bullfrog Spas®


Build endurance and strength with preset or customizable fitness programs and space for any number of low-impact, water-based workouts. Swim, play games, or splash around on the splash pad. Workout, play, or relax away tension. Enjoy the numerous therapy options available with the patented JetPak Therapy System™, the attractive aesthetics, functional layout, and legendary Bullfrog Spas quality and reliability for an upgraded backyard experience you’re certain to love.

DIMENSIONS: 94″ x 152″ x 52″


  • Unique Swim Current System–Anatomically-tuned current system that helps you swim easier and better.
  • Swim Workouts & Drills–Customize your swim routines to your body type and workout style for optimum results.
  • JetPak Therapy System™–Select your perfect massages, place them in your favorite seats, and relax after an intense workout!
  • Splash Zone Area–Your entire family can spend time together. Practice swimming, play games, or splash around.
  • Premium Cover–Unmatched safety, quality, and durability, all with an upgraded aesthetic appeal
  • EnduraFrame™ Construction–100% wood-free spa construction technology engineered to last.