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Pool or Spa? Why not both?

When you start your research for adding a pool or hot tub to your backyard, you can feel a little bit overwhelmed by the numerous options and possibilities. But do not worry! The answer is here with us.

Do you know about the Swim Spa? A swim spa is a stunning hybrid of the hot tub, with its warm hydrotherapy, and the pool, with its aquatic recreation and workout. Lets look at some pros and cons of a pool or spa. The pool is fantastic in the summer but closed and essentially worthless in the winter. Although the water in the hot tub can be turned down in the summer, most people would rather lay in the sun or enjoy a friends or public pool but the hydrotherapy from a hot tub can not be beat. A Swim spa is perfect for that winter use of the hot water therapy and the summer sun to exercise and swim.


Yes, we have all had that one friend we can’t believe spent $90,000 on their pool but envy their pool parties on occasion. A hot tub is a cheaper route but maybe its not 100% what you want. A swim spa on average will be right in between, good guess is $30,000 to $40,000. This price is geared towards the high-end swim spas that will last with little to no issues down the road.


There will always be upkeep required, no matter what you do. Fortunately, a swim spa is a complete package that typically includes a pressure filtration system. For instance, the Simplicity Filtration System, the EOS Enhanced Ozone System, and the Wellspring specialized filtration pump are included with Bullfrog Spas Swim Series models. These systems were created especially for the Swim Series by Bullfrog Spas. A gravity system and, in rare instances, a pressure filtration system may be choices for a typical pool, but no matter what you choose, there will be additional costs and effort. Swim spas are treated very similar to the hot tubs using simialar chemicals just adding a little more than usual.


Only you can make this decision, although it could be a good idea to take the things we just spoke about into account. What’s the size of your backyard? What purpose does it serve for you? Do you intend to use it continuously or just occasionally? How much time can you or are you prepared to put toward maintenance?

Still not satisfied? Come check out our store Bullfrog Spas of Tri-Cities or your local hot tub/swim spa dealer to check out their pros and cons!