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Hot Tub Temperate

What temperature is best for what occasions?

People have been taking baths in hot water for ages to feel better, get rid of pain, and reduce stress. Today, hot tubs offer the ideal location to unwind in warm water while enjoying calming therapy jets and family time.

93 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit is a typical hot tub temperature range. The average hot tub’s maximum temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You should maintain your hot tub at a different temperature inside of that range depending on your preferences, age, and health.

Summer Heat

In summer most do not want the feeling of being cooked in a giant tub, with that being said most keep the hot tub’s temperature around their core body temp (98.6). This will make the water warm but not too warm. If you are looking for more of a refreshing soak 95f-97f is the way to go.

Cold Winters

Some claim that winter is the ideal time to unwind in their hot tubs. A sensation unlike any other is having a cool breeze brush against your face while the rest of you is toasty warm in the water. Winter temperatures typically stay between 99f to 104f.

My Ideal Temperature

Remember to keep in mind your age and health. Now is always a great time to speak with your doctor to know the risks of higher temperatures for long periods of time.


Most importantly… Enjoy and unwind.