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Hot Tub Ozonators


What it is, what it does, and why it’s a good idea to add an ozonator as an upgrade to your Hot Tub. Here at Bullfrog Spas of Tri-Cities we always include the Wellsprings Output Ozone on our Hot Tubs, but it might be an upgrade for other dealers.

A hot tub ozonator is a machine that creates and injects ozone gas into your spa’s water.

By doing this, you can remove contaminants from the water and use fewer chemicals to maintain a clean, tranquil hot tub.

Ozone aids in the elimination of pathogenic bacteria, germs, and viruses when used in conjunction with your standard hot tub sanitizer (such as chlorine or bromine). As a result, you may use less sanitizer, reduce your spa expenses, and make your hot tub a more comfortable location for anyone who has chemical sensitivity.

In addition to eliminating germs, ozone also degrades harmful substances and causes total dissolved solids to clump together for simpler filter cartridge removal. You receive water that is cleaner and clearer and feels silky and smooth on your skin.

Ozone, which is highly reactive, also disperses chlorine and bromine molecules that have joined with pollutants. Ozone liberates the sanitizers and enables ongoing re-use, so you won’t need to shock your hot tub as frequently. This could increase your savings even further.

Although it may appear to be magic, there is no supernatural activity involved in the production of O3. One of two methods—using a corona discharge (CD) unit or strong ultraviolet (UV) light—is used by ozonators to divide oxygen molecules into two free oxygen atoms.

Ozone is produced when these liberated oxygen atoms strike other oxygen molecules already present in the water.

EOS for Bullfrog Spas

A ground-breaking water filtration system, the EOS Enhanced O3™  System is up to twice as effective in oxidizing away impurities without the drawbacks of too much ozone gas. This innovative 3-part system sanitizes spa water more efficiently, produces up to 2 times the quantity of ozone compared to typical systems*, and destroys almost all of the leftover O3 gas. EOS has been independently verified to eliminate 99.9% of the potential bacteria in spas.

Step 1: The high-power O3 generator produces 2X more ozone than conventional systems in.

Step 2: For optimal sanitization, water, and O3 are separated and vigorously combined.

Step 3: To prevent possible spa damage, over 99% of the extra O3 gas is filtered and neutralized.

Either the Wellspring output ozone or the EOS is a great add-on to keep your water soft and clear. Combined with the @ease mineral system keeps your sanitation low and effective. Keep in mind the Ozonator is not a replacement for chemicals completely but an added boost of sanitation and comfort to your Peace of Mind Water Care.