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Hot Tub Oasis | The ultimate hot tub experience


Who doesn’t want a back yard paradise, a place to kick off the work shoes and relax. Our homes are our sanctuary from the outside world why not improve our experience. Hot tubs have been used to create the back yard oasis for years, giving a place to relax aching muscles and a spot for long conversations without worldly distractions like cell phones and 5 minute commercials. Some take that dream and pursue it further, why stop at just a hot tub. Lets look at few examples of a true backyard oasis.

Bring in the Nature

Be one with nature as some say, this expression is used for someone who needs an immediate feeling of peace and calm, but what does it really mean? It involves letting yourself become absorbed with the natural world. Nature can be a place where we can sit and reflect on life’s meaning — away from the distractions and demands of our regular lives. Set your hot tub in a tranquil setting with all the elements, this would include lush greens, a natural fire pit, natural water fall cascading in a pond you get the idea.

Clean Lines

Not everyone enjoys nature; other people prefer the modern contemporary style to kick back and relax. Modern is simple with neutral colors and a few bold statements with the perfect amount of lighting. This oasis would have the overall feel of less is more with strong lines, mood lite pathway and contemporary furniture to pull it together.

The Extroverts

The more the merrier; after all, some people don’t need to sit and ponder on things for too long. Why sit alone in your hot tub when your best friends and family can sit by your side? Every extroverted backyard needs plenty of seating, a grill area for late-night dinners, an open bar for lively chats, and weather protection as the party will go on rain or shine.

Now the question, which is your backyard oasis? Remember first step is a hot tub 😉