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Hot Tub Care Guide | Chemistry, Cleaning and Cover Care

Every new hot tub owner is aware that there is a little learning curve involved with hot tub ownership. Our job is to make it easier so you can sit back and relax. Check out our 3 big do’s in hot tub ownership.

Even though it would initially seem that you need a degree in chemistry to balance your water, we assure you that you do not. Lets break down the chemistry to sanitation, balancing chemicals and preventative chemicals. Most for sanitation use Chlorine or Bromine keeping their sanitation level between 3-5 ppm. Sanitation will keep your water safe from bacteria and clear. Balancing chemicals will include Alkalinity, Ph up, Ph down, and calcium. Out-of-balance water chemistry, can permanently damage your hot tub’s walls, equipment, and other surfaces in addition to making it uncomfortable to relax in. Preventative chemicals usually include stain-n-scale (preventing scaling on equipment like the heater) and water clarifier to help with filtration. Most balance the water once or twice a month, add preventative chemicals weekly, and check for sanitation weekly as well. Adding chemicals is only about a 5 minute process.

2) Cleaning

Unfortunately no hot tub manufacture has created a self cleaning feature (yet). Cleaning will involve a full drain and refill about every 4 months. Over time TDS (total dissolve solids) will increase as it is being used. This is a fancy way of saying all the crud in your hot tub such as hair, skin cells, and other containments. Hot tubs are typically drained when TDS reaches 1,300 to 1,500. A full drain and refill can be a all day process, hot tubs are gravity drained and can take hours and unless you use the fire hydrate it will take a few hours to fill up as well. Most will invest into a sump pump, this makes most hot tub drains to take 30 minuets to a hour. The cleaning can be easy, as long as your water stayed sanitized, if so wipe down the sides and clean up the water line. Cleaning filters is must, clean filters allow for better filtration and water flow. We clean filters every 4-6 weeks giving them a quick rinse or using a filter cleaning product.

3) Cover Care

A hot tub cover is your waters protection from the elements and what saves you money on your electric bill. A hot tub heater will turn on once temp reaches below its set point, an old warped cover will lose heat raising your electric bill. Products such as fabric guard will prevent sun damage and will keep your cover looking new. In the winter months snow build up will add additional weight to your cover, this can cause sagging and make it harder for your hot tub to seal the heat in. Keeping heavy items and snow off your hot tub cover can increase its longevity.

If you take care of your hot tub, it will take care of you. Happy Hot Tubbing!