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Fun Hot tub Facts

Have you ever pondered on questions most don’t think about? If any of those questions pertained to hot tubs hopefully we have some answers! Check out these quick cool facts on Hot Tubs.

1) Top 5 states for Hot Tub installations:

  • California
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • New York

2) How Many Hot Tubs are there?

There are more than 7.3 million hot tubs in operation in the U.S., according to a study conducted by Pool and Spa Marketing.

3) Alcohol anyone?

Over 43,000 champagne bottles are opened in hot tubs per year.

4) Can a hot tub be mobile?

Phillip Weicker and Duncan Forster, two Canadian automotive enthusiasts, hired a crew in Los Angeles, California, to turn a 1969 Cadillac DeVille into what they called Carpool DeVille, a mobile hot tub. The steering column was made watertight, and a liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger with engine coolant ensured that the hot tub water could be heated to 102°F in about 35 minutes. Fitted with 11 water jets, a spa filter and even a overflow tank, the Carpool DeVille can sit five and carry up to 375 US gal of water, bringing the weight of the 4,600-lb car to 9,000 lb.

5) How many people?

Twenty-six people representing 26 different countries kicked back in the water for five minutes at a Hot Tub store in Alicante, Spain to break the record for the most nationalities in a hot tub. The water overflowed as representatives from Germany, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, Bolivia, Peru, Ukraine, Morocco, Lithuania, Republic of Mauritius, Czech Republic, Estonia, Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic, Italy, France, Australia, Poland, Ireland, Venezuela and New Zealand competed for a comfortable spot to relax.

6) Have you seen a Monkey in a Hot Tub?

The first Japanese macaque to take a hot bath was spotted in 1963, soaking in an outdoor hot spring off a hotel near Nagano. The “snow monkeys” of Japan are well-known for their affinity for the hot springs in the country’s northern Nagano region, where tourists love to take pictures of the adorable macaques relaxing in thermal pools.