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Delivery & Installation Checklist

Finding the ideal spa with the proper size, fit, number of seats, and, of course, durability may be difficult in and of itself. You most likely arrived at a Bullfrog Spa after they hit all the checkboxes. Next we need to look at delivery and installation.

Your spa’s foundation must be capable of holding the weight of your spa, its water, and the people utilizing it. Bullfrog Spas weigh anywhere from 2,900 to 7,700 a mental image comparison may be a full grown hippo, they weigh in at 7,000 pounds or a full size 2016 Toyota Tundra weighting in at 7,000 pounds. Bullfrog Spas thanks to their durable ABS spa structure called the Enduraframe is a fully covered molded ABS allowing no space for critters to venture up inside. It also contains no metal or wood, so it won’t rust or decay. This gives you more options for foundations. As long as the foundation is level within a inch (standard) the options will include;

  • Gravel
  • 4 inch concrete pad
  • Pea Gravel
  • Pavers or Bricks
  • Reinforced Decking


Most of the Bullfrog Spas will require a 220 50amp service. All dealers suggest to always have a licensed electrician perform the electrical installation. We suggest having a electrician come out and inspect the spot, then most will have them start and complete to electrical the same day of delivery. Depending on the length of wire and complexety of the job electrical can cost anywhere from $300 to $1500 or more.

The Delivery

All spas, whether new or old, will eventually require maintenance. Since the pumps, computer, heater, and ozone are located behind the front panel on Bullfrog spas, future technicians will find it easier to reach these components. Make sure the front of the spa has easy accessibly.


Most spas are delivered using a spa dolly, which is towed behind the rear of a vehicle and tilts to allow the spa to slip into the area. No worries if a truck cannot enter the allocated area! The majority of spas can be pulled into your backyard by 2-4 people using a slider or sled. The delivery route must be clear of obstructions like trees, rocks, and inclines. Send pictures of the walkway, its layout, and obstacles with dimensions of the gates, fence posts, and overall number of steps to enable the dealer plan the appropriate number of workers for delivery.

That’s it! If you have additional questions please ask your local dealer or have one of their delivery crew members come out to inspect the property with additional concerns.

Check out this video on a recent spa delivery!