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Bullfrog Spas A Series

In 2023 Bullfrog Spas have been redesigned for better performance, better reliability and improved aesthetics giving other hot tub brands a run for their money. In 2022 Bullfrog spas with Jetpaks were either the R Series or A Series but in 2023 the R Series have been absorbed helping create the A Series Standard along with the A Series Plus and A Series Select.

A Standard

The 2022 R Series is now the A Standard, this spa has the same quality build as the highest A Series but a few less features. Features like a button colored led control pad, standard pillows, the basic interior lighting package but will include exterior lighting, 2 exterior cabinet colors with all 4 interior acrylic options, basic waterfall with lighting and 1 less jetpak in the seating leaving a seat with standard jets. Prices vary dealer to dealer but typcially start around the $10k mark. Overall, this spa still has a high-end appearance despite having a few fewer features at a price you’ll enjoy.

A Plus

The A Plus is a premium spa that offers the majority of the A Series’ improved feature options. Features such as a colored touch screen display, premium pillows, upgraded waterfall with is own dedicated pump, more lighting than the A Standard, lighted cupholders, auxiliary control buttons for easier access to pumps, lighting and waterfall, the maximum amount of Jetpaks for the size, with the same interior and exterior options as the standard. Price range typically starts at $13k while also adding a few more spa sizes to choose from.

A Select

The A Select is the luxury option that offers all the features added to the new A Series. Building off the features of the A Plus the A Select now has lighting behind the Jetpaks, new premium cabinet colors, and a titanium finish on all Jets and exterior lighting. Price range starts at around $14k. The A Select adds the finishing touch to aesthetics for the A Series.

Overall Inprovements

All spas in the A Series now include the upgraded filtration system, regardless of the model. There won’t be any more water intakes in the footwell or visible filter compartments. The improved system is built behind the Jetpaks so that you have an additional seat and more room for your feet while improving astethics. The auxiliary control button has been improved by the addition of two new features that control the lighting and waterfall. For those who care about quality, the structure of every A Series spa has been strengthened in the framework along with a thicker acrylic shell, making the Bullfrog Spas even more durable.

Stop by your local Bullfrog dealer if you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the new design and discover why Bullfrog Spas are among the most cutting-edge spas available.