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All about Hot Tub Filters

Your hot tub’s filters, which are unseen but extremely effective, contribute to its total performance and longevity. They function in the background while you unwind, trapping debris as water passes through the filtration media and serving as the strongest line of defense against contaminated hot tub water.

How hot tub filters work

Every hot tub has a filtration system of some kind. Otherwise, your spa wouldn’t be protected from contamination by body oils, mud, lotions, and other kinds of environmental debris. Filters operate in a reasonably straightforward manner: as the water flows through them, they catch undesirable particles in their folds.

Most hot tub filters available today are cartridge-style so they are simple to remove, clean, and replace. The hot tub filter cartridge is made up of a central support framework and a filtering material that is wrapped around it. The medium is pleated and typically composed of polyester. The folds significantly expand the surface area, which facilitates better cleaning. Your water will be cleaner if the filter has a larger surface area.

Your filters will hold the particles they have captured until they are cleansed. You can help in this situation. In addition to allowing filth and grime to accumulate in your water, neglecting routine filter maintenance could stain your hot tub pumps and heating system. Do you have concerns about cleaning the hot tub filter? The Bullfrog Girls are here to help!

The health, efficiency, and longevity of your spa are greatly influenced by regular maintenance and filter replacement as needed. Fortunately, today’s high-tech cartridges are straightforward to clean, making your job of maintaining the hot tub filter easy.

Cleaning your filters

Simply hose them down or soak them in a cleaning solution to decontaminate your filters. They can provide spa water that is crystal clear for four to six years with the right upkeep.

Schedules for filter cleaning and replacement will differ. The frequency with which you use your hot tub and the number of people who routinely soak in it are some variables that will have an impact on this. The filtration will build up more debris the more contaminants are added to the water. If the filtration medium is compromised, the system’s capacity to maintain a solid barrier against contaminated water is also undermined. Consider scheduling your inspections, deep cleanings, and spa-drainage days in accordance with usage over a 12-month period to make sure your hot tub keeps operating effectively.

We suggest having two sets of paper filters for your Bullfrog Spa. When you pull out the dirty set to clean, you can put a dry clean set of filters in your spa. This will give you the chance to thoroughly clean your filters and let them dry. When the filters have a chance to dry the pleats are able to “fluff’ back up making the surface area large thus the filters are more effective.

If you are on the Bullfrog Spas Simplify filtration system (M series and Swim Series) make sure you put a brand new flat filter in every month.