Owning a personal hot tub is a luxury that may improve health, reduce stress, and be a lot of fun. You can indulge in it every night as part of your wind-down routine or simply whenever you feel a little anxious. The maintenance is the not-so-fun part; it may seem like a lot of work  Read More

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, as you are surely aware. However, speaking from experience your probably not ready for it. Under pressure last minute gifts are sometimes the best. Check out our ultimate top 5 gifts for your hot tubbing Mother. Option 1. Music Who among mothers doesn’t enjoy music, especially when it masks the  Read More

Bullfrog Blog Let’s face it; there is nothing better than brand-new, clean water in your hot tub. It’s the moment we both look forward to and dread. Although it’s not difficult to learn how to empty and clean a hot tub, some individuals may struggle to get started. Regularly emptying your hot tub is crucial  Read More

Bullfrog Blog What temperature is best for what occasions? People have been taking baths in hot water for ages to feel better, get rid of pain, and reduce stress. Today, hot tubs offer the ideal location to unwind in warm water while enjoying calming therapy jets and family time. 93 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit is  Read More